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Specifications of CTS-3000W Remote control Wifi/Bluetooth/Camera/GSM blocker 0~40m radius:

1.Can 24/7 long time working
2.Each output of the frequency bands can adjust from 0~4W
3.Special for all kinds of vehicle
4.Used the advance ALC(Automatic Level Control) TECHNOLOGY to control the output power of their amplifier stages To produce a clear signal it is very useful to keep control of the transverter's drive and output power.
5.Power-supply from car 12V battery only
6.Come with a 2 meters power cable
7.CTS-3000W is for 900/1800/800/1900/2100/WIFI 2.4

Digital :WIFI,BLUETOOTH,2.4GWireless Camera ,IDEN, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, UMTS

Total output power:11W (CDMA800 GSM900:3W, 2.4G: 3W,1805-1990: 2.5W, 2100-2200: 2.5W)
Antennas External Omnidirectional
Every band frequency can select output power
All the TX frequency covered down link only.

Before you order:
Dual-band phones can cover GSM networks in pairs such as :
900 and 1800 MHz frequencies (Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil)
850 and 1900 (North America and Brazil)
European tri-band phones typically cover the 900, 1800 and 1900 bands


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